• Having had a history of anxiety problems I booked some sessions with Joan. I found her to be friendly, caring and understanding. Joan does not overload you with information and advice. She goes at your pace and it felt like she had tailored the sessions to my needs. If you are having any problems associated with anxiety I would recommend that you make the time to see Joan.


Positive Coping Strategy
Focus On a Relaxing Scene

  • Now my exams are over I feel a lot better especially with your help. I really appreciate everything you have given me and told me, I feel so much better compared to when I started my A-levels. Thank you for everything.

  • I turned to Joan following a difficult period at work which saw me signed off with stress. She was very caring and immediately put me at ease. In a safe space, I was able to open up about worries and concerns and she would reassure and make valid suggestions as to how I could worry less and de-stress. She was a real rock at a difficult time and helped me get back on track.

  • I contacted Joan following the unexpected and heart-breaking loss of my beautiful wife and pet; this was in addition to me having to manage through some pretty serious health concerns of my own. This took me nearly 12 months to be brave enough to make contact and I have found the time talking and listening to Joan with her style of encouraging, but allowing me to converse openly of the fears, worries and grief; to be one of the most useful times I have spent during this bereavement process. I have wept openly and unashamedly and Joan has enabled me to reflect upon my grief for these losses. I am now using a part of my time to look upon the positive and fun aspects of my life before these bereavements took away my wife and my pet. Joan has allowed me to accept that grief (yes agony at times) is the most natural process although at times quite intense; but as individuals we do need to find our own path/way to simply be. I believe that I would not be the person I am today (now knowing bereavement is not a short road and at times I know this will be raw once again) but without having made that first step of contacting Joan I'd not have begun to find my own way. Thank you is far too easy a phrase to use; but I hope that by you reading this short testimonial will encourage you too, to gain the help and support we living with the loss of a loved one need.

  • At a time of great stress and challenges Joan truly helped me to regain control of my life. Through listening, advice, guidance and practical help she aided me in generating short and long term management strategies. Joan put me at ease from the first moment, she is so caring and truly helps you and empowers you through everything. I found it so helpful that Joan provided relaxation methods, printed materials and worksheets that I could complete in my own time also, which I have compiled into a file. I honestly feel my ability to manage what life throws at me and my general outlook on life has improved immeasurably since working with Joan, I can't recommended her services highly enough.

  • I found my appointment with you to be most helpful. It was good to talk. I'm beginning to feel more positive. I know the answer lies within myself, so thank you for being so reassuring.

  • Joan provided valuable assistance to me during a time of stress and uncertainty. I wasn'€™t sure what to expect, but talking to her helped me prioritise things that had been going around in my mind and set to work addressing them. The relaxation techniques I learned were, and still are, helpful in keeping my body and mind calm at key meetings. I was also impressed by the tools and information made available to me to help me see things from another perspective. I felt comfortable sharing things with her that I hadn't spoken about before and knowing that these thoughts were perfectly normal under the circumstances made them less important. I am grateful and happy to have sought her professional support when I did.

  • I had several sessions with Joan, I was made to feel at ease as I explained my issues and what I needed help with. Joan was a great listener and there was no pressure. The advice I got from Joan was so helpful and she gave me coping mechanisms to help with my depression and a very good routine to follow for relaxation.  I gained a lot from our sessions. Joan's pace and delivery is excellent and has made a difference to me and my outlook. Thanks Joan.

  • Joan helped me reassess my life and get things back into balance. I had struggled for a long time and tried counselling in the past but it had not really helped. Joan not only provided me with tools and props to get me through the dark hours she gave me tools to use for the rest of my life. She became the one person I could be absolutely honest with about everything and was able to reflect on the things I poured out in a way which was a great help to me in moving forward. I can't thank Joan enough for the support and help she gave me in what was a very dark night of the soul.

  • Joan, thank you very much for all your help and advice. Your kindness and understanding made me feel immediately at ease. I was able to use your stress and anxiety relieving techniques immediately and with very positive results. This is very uplifting as I will be able to continue to benefit throughout my daily life. Thank you for making a difference to my coping mechanisms.

  • Every time I think about facing up to the fact that I need help I start crying and want to hide. I'm ashamed and embarrassed that I can't sort me out on my own. I've heard all the "first step is admitting you need help" advice but for me, admitting it to an intangible, unknown, unseen face is as "first step" as I can get. Thanks for yesterday. It helped me recognise a lot of things and explain some others. It also made me notice the tenseness in my shoulders.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy really helped me to gain control of my exam related stress and ease my panic attacks. Joan assisted me in understanding my stress and doing something about it, thank you!

  • We have met the objectives we set at our first session. I have started my new job and far from any problems I am - for the first time in a long time- enjoying my work. Your contribution to this has been literally incalculable. Put together with the support of my GP and my family and my own determination to be well we seem to have cracked it. Once again thank you for helping me to come back from the brink.


  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me in realising and maintaining my true self. For supporting and guiding me though the times and issues I could not face on my own. For helping me realise the true good in others and indeed myself. For letting me see myself with esteem and showing me how to wear a genuine smile upon my face. Thank you Joan, for being you.


Positive Coping Strategy
Focus On a Relaxing Scene